Portal Overview


The MSActivator web portal gives you centralized control over all your managed entities, whether they are CPE or core network devices, security devices, or even public or private cloud infrastructure managers.

Homepage Overview

The video below will give you a quick overview of the MSActivator homepage.

To get to the homepage you need to login using the details that were given to you by your admin.

Video Tutorial

Administration Page

As a privileged administrator, you can access the administration page by clicking on the gear icon in the top right-hand corner.

The administration window is divided into tabs as listed below:

Information About Your Current License

Licenses are limited to a number of devices and have an expiration date.

When you purchase a new license from UBiqube, you will receive a license file that has to be uploaded here to activate the device functionality.

After license expiration, with a production license, your MSA will continue to function but the product upgrade for maintenance and patch is locked and you need to contact your UBiqube reseller to renew your support and maintenance license.

(D-)MSA Status

This is mainly for distributed MSActivator setups only. In the case where your company runs the MSActivator on multiple servers, you can see a list of all the nodes and their statuses on this page.

Elasticsearch cluster

The third section provides a simplified management view of the Elasticsearch cluster.

It gives you the ability to do simple operations on the index, for example listing the indexes or deleting them.


Deleting an index in a non-recoverable operation, be careful when using it!

Bulk Import

This is a useful tool for companies that already have a set of existing devices and would like to address a brownfield deployment use-case with existing devices.

You can import lists of these existing devices or customers by uploading a CSV file. The MSActivator will then automatically create tenants and devices accordingly. Managers and Administrators can use this function also.

Tech Report

Use this function to generate a detailed technical report that can be sent to UBiqube’s customer support for offline troubleshooting.

To export this, you can select “Direct Link” and copy the link from the new window, or save the report as an HTML file on your local disk using your browser.

Video Tutorial

Selfcare Portal

From the MSActivator portal, users can access a set of predefined functionalities and services.

As the administrator, you control access to the selfcare portal. You must also provide information to your users so that they can access the selfcare portal.

Video Tutorial