Managed Devices

Device Creation

Managed devices are created inside the Customer Tenant by clicking on Icon and selecting "Device" from the list.


Switch to "Expert" view (click on Icon) to display all the fields.

Choose the manufacturer and model of your device.



The Manufacturer and Model of the device will be used to select the Device Adaptor for managing the device.

Fill out the form according to the following spreadsheet:

Field Name Description Mandatory
Administrative Information
Name A free text field to specify a name for the device. Yes
External reference

A unique value that can be used to identify the device.

Usually used for integration with third party tools.

Management Information
Management IP address The IP address used by the MSActivator to manage and monitor the device. Yes
Management interface name

The MSActivator polling engine will use this information to look into the MIB for the OID of traffic monitoring information.


The hostname of the device that will be used by the syslog collector to match the syslog to a device in the MSActivator database.

User name

The login used by the MSActivator configuration module to execute configuration actions on the device.

User Password The password for the login. Yes
Service Assurance
Silver Monitoring Activate SNMP based monitoring. No
SNMP community The community to use by the MSActivator to execute SNMP requests on the device.


(if Silver monitoring is enabled)

Monitoring port Default is SNMP port 161, but it can be customized if required.


(if Silver monitoring is enabled)

Gold Monitoring

Activate to enable syslog collecting without parsing the syslogs. No
Security Reports Activate syslog collecting and parsing. No

Click save to create the device.

Device Activation

The activation of a device (also known as Initial Provisioning) is the action that will check the device connectivity, optionally configure it with an initial (templated) configuration, and mark it as activated.

Once activated, the MSActivator can manage and monitor the device.

The steps to activate a device are:

From the Device page, in the "Details" tab, select "Initial provisioning" from the "Actions" drop down. This will activate the Device.