How to Use the Type Composite

Source Code

The source code for this tutorial is available on GitHub at:

The variable type composite provide the means to add control over the behaviour of the Microservice user form.

It can be used for instance to show/hide part of the form based on the value of another component of the form.

As in the example below: if 'show A' is checked to true, the field 'A' is displayed


otherwise it's hidden.


In order to implement this behaviour with the Microservice designer the variables should be defined as below


The state of $param.a depends on the value of $ therefore the type of $param.a should be set to 'Composite' and the 'advanced parameters of $param.a have to be edited to configure its behaviour.

In the section 'Type', when type is set to Composite the fields 'Selector variable' and 'Selector values' are displayed.

The field 'Selector variable' will list all other variables that could be used to control the behaviour of the current variable.

The values for the selector will depend on the type of the selector.

For example true/false will be available for boolean variable but for other types  such as String, it's possible to use predefined values or set some specific value.



Regarding the variable type Composite, the section "Name", "Values", "Other parameter" should not be used. Instead, configuration has to be done with the advanced parameter of each selector value.