How to Execute Workflow from UI and REST API

If a Workflow needs to be invoked from a portal and REST API in the command line, the Workflow needs to include extra code.

The reason for this is because when you invoke the Workflow from UI Portal, all the parameters go into the $context, but when you invoke the Workflow from the command line using REST APIs, all the input parameters go into the $parameters. 

The Workflow engine only considers the parameters set in $context. Therefore, all the parameters provided on the command line will go into $parameters and will not be considered for the execution. Instead, previously saved parameters will be used. 

In order to ensure that a Workflow can be executed from both the UI and the command line, it should have some code which will copy the parameters from $patameters to $context. The code is as follows:

if(isset($parameters) ){
    $context['<param_name_1>'] = $parameters['<param_name_1>'];
    $context['<param_name_2>'] = $parameters['<param_name_2>'];