Device Activity Report


The device activity report presents all actions related to the device and puts them in a report that can be downloaded as PDF or XLS. The device action can be:

  • Device creation/edition
  • Initial Provisioning
  • Activate without device connection
  • Update configuration
  • Attach/Detach files from repository
  • Update license
  • Update firmware
  • Send data files
  • Get device tech report
  • Get configuration

You can view some samples here:

Access and generation

The report is available at the device home inside the new portal only. Click the "History" tab, then on PDF or XLS on the right next to the "Change Mgt" button.


After clicking, a new window is opened with a preview of the report.


Feature Management

The feature is controlled by the configuration property device activity report, supported in DeviceBoardContent in the set of customization files under /opt/ses/WebContent/operators/XYZ

Set it to 1 to enable it (default) or 0 to disable it.