The Cerebro web admin tool is the evolution of the previous Elasticsearch plugin, Elasticsearch kopf, used in Elasticsearch v2.4.

  1. Running Cerebro

    Manage Cerebro service: initctl start|stop|restart cerebro
  2. Access 

    1. Go to the following link:  http://ES_IP:9000
    2. Enter your credentials (configured in /usr/share/cerebro-0.7.1/conf/application.conf, Authentication part)
    3. You can check directly by using the following: 

       # grep username /usr/share/cerebro-0.7.1/conf/application.conf
      # grep password /usr/share/cerebro-0.7.1/conf/application.conf

      Username & password can be checked and configured in the configurator variables:

      # grep UBI_ES_CLUSTER /opt/configurator/ vars.ubiqube.net .ctx
      # grep UBI_ES_CEREBRO_PASSWD /opt/configurator/ vars.ubiqube.net .ctx

    4. Image

    5. You can can access to your Elasticsearch cluster at the following link:  http://ES_IP:9200