Centos Upgrade


This pages describes the steps to upgrade the operating system of the MSActivator.

The script can be downloaded here:  http://repository.ubiqube.com/share/OS_migration/centOs_6_10.bsx

To upgrade a Centos6.8 MSA to Centos6.10, perform the following steps:

  • copy file  selfextract.bsx  to target MSA (file size: 145 MB). Don't use /tmp or /var filesytems because they do not allow the execution of any binaries.
  • as root, on the target MSA, add the execution rights to  selfextract.bsx  file and run the command:  ./selfextract.bsx.

Get file "selfextract.bsx" directly from on warm64: "/opt/centos6.10"

( Note: file selfextract.bsx is not attached to this page due to size limit - max size is 100 MB)

After running "./selfextract.bsx", your system is upgraded from Centos6.8 to Centos6.10.
You can check the OS version using "cat /etc/redhat-release".

Sample session:

# chmod +x selfextract.bsx
# ./selfextract.bsx
# cat /etc/redhat-release
CentOS release 6.10 (Final)

As the kernel is upgraded a reboot is needed.

# reboot