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Be aware that when you access or use our content, products, and services, we may collect information from your devices through the use of “cookies”. Cookies perform a variety of functions. The purpose of this policy is to explain:

What are cookies?

Cookies are small files which are stored your device. They can be accessed either by the web server or the client device. Your browser makes cookies available each time you visit our website, and allows us to tailor your experience. Learn more about controlling cookies. There is more than one type of cookie:

  • Session cookies are downloaded to your device temporarily (for the period that you browse a specific website). Session cookies can, among other things, allow you to navigate between pages more quickly and efficiently and enable websites to remember preferences that you’ve selected.
  • Persistent cookies last even after you stop browsing a page, and do things such as allow a website to identify you as a return user, and ensure information relevant to you and your interests is provided.

Why do we use cookies?

UBiqube uses cookies to improve your experience with us, and to make sure that relevant content is delivered effectively. We use both session and persistent cookies to perform various functions across our sites.

How do we use cookies?

When you visit our website, cookies will be placed on your device. Read the table below for specifics on which cookies are used, and how they work.

Cookie Description
Google Analytics We use Google Analytics to understand how our media campaigns work and how you interact with our website in order to improve the user experience.

More info:
Google tracking cookies Google tracking cookies enable us to understand if you complete certain actions on our website(s) after you have seen or clicked through one of our adverts served via Google. Based on the content you have engaged with on our websites Google are able to deliver some targeted adverts across other Google partner websites.

More info:
Unomena: sessionid Arbitrary value stored to identify the browser session
Unomena: messages Message to display if user is logged in or out
Unomena: csrf token A csrf token is generated for forms and must be tied to the user's sessions. It is used to send requests to the server, in which the token validates them.

How can you control cookies?

You can control cookie settings through your browser. Most browsers allow for settings ranging from allowing all, to some, to no cookies. To do this, use the instructions provided for you preferred browser. We’ve provided a link below in case you’re unsure where to start:

Manage cookies through your web browser

Note: Mobile phone users may have to refer to their manufacturer’s manual for details on how to block cookies on their mobile browser.

How can you contact us?

If you have any questions about how we use cookies, please contact us via email at: